Football field corner

Vandals causing damage to Football Club urged to stop

Stop vandalising the football club grounds – that is the message from Fleet Town Football Club, Safer North Hampshire community safety team, Hart District Council and Hampshire Constabulary, following persistent vandalism to the football club grounds.

Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused to the club grounds over the past six months, including smashed doors, windows and fences, graffiti, electrical cables pulled down and sprinklers turned on in the stands.

Hampshire Constabulary is continuing to investigate the damage caused.

Now, Fleet Town is appealing for local people to get involved in the club, and to help increase presence on the site to deter trespassers and vandalism.

Chris Arnold, Fleet Town Football Club Youth Secretary said: “Whilst causing damage to the grounds might seem like fun to some people, we simply don’t have the resources to continue these repairs long-term. We are appealing for individuals to stop this behaviour, and we are asking for assistance from members of the public to help ensure the security and future of the club.”

Councillor Adrian Collett, Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services and Community Safety at Hart District Council, said: “The ongoing vandalism at the football club is unacceptable. People who do this are no friends of football.  Working with the club, police, council and public, we will do everything we can put a stop to this and ensure the community can make full use of this valuable facility.”

To volunteer at the football club, contact the Chairman on 01252 623804.

Anyone with any information about the damage, or wishing to report suspicious activity, can contact Hampshire Constabulary on 101.