Dangers to be mocked-up for young people to teach them to ThinkSafe

Young people from Hart and Rushmoor will be facing a series of mocked-up dangers as part of a community safety initiative to test how they would react in a similar real-life scenario.

The project, called ‘Think Safe’, is organised by the Safer North Hampshire* Community Safety Partnership and a variety of agencies, including the local councils, and teaches young people about issues such as fire safety, railway safety, first-aid, healthy relationships, societal issues such as homelessness, safety on military land, cyber-safety and stranger danger.

The Year Six students from Hart and Rushmoor will spend time with a variety of local organisations, learning through a series of interactive scenarios, based at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre, in Gallwey Road, Aldershot, in June and July.

Around 885 students from Hart and approximately 600 students from Rushmoor are taking part in the initiative, from 26 schools across both boroughs (14 schools in Hart and 12 in Rushmoor).

Councillor Simon Bound, chairman of the Safer North Hampshire Community Safety Partnership, said: “These sessions encourage young people to think about some of the elements that can contribute to living a happy, healthy and successful life, which is a good thing. They may also learn some important skills which will hopefully remain with them for many years to come.”

The Rushmoor Think Safe course runs from June 10-14 and the Hart Think Safe event runs from July 8-12.

Year Six students from 40 schools across the Basingstoke and Deane borough will also take part in the ThinkSafe initiative, based at the Bramley Army training camp, from June 17. Around 2,000 students are expected to attend the Basingstoke sessions, coordinated by the Children, Families and Young People team within the borough council’s Community Support Team.