Focus on personal safety this Christmas

Free personal attack alarms and bottle stops, to prevent drinks being tampered with, are available across the Basingstoke and Deane, Hart and Rushmoor areas this Christmas in a bid to ensure everyone stays safe.

Hampshire Constabulary and the Safer North Hampshire community safety team are encouraging people to look after their personal safety by taking up the offer of a free alarm and bottle stop, and by taking the following advice:

• When on a night out, don’t leave a bag unattended. Take it with you, and always use table or bar-hooks, if available.
• Never leave your drink unattended – whilst rare, it can only take a few seconds for someone to tamper with it. Use a bottle stop to prevent anyone putting something in your drink.
• Always plan your journey home and avoid walking alone. Save the number of a local licensed taxi firm in your mobile phone. If using a taxi, ensure it is registered and displaying taxi licence plates. If you are concerned that a taxi-driver is not genuine, do not get in the vehicle, and report it to the local authority licensing team.
• How much you drink on a night out can also affect your decision-making – never drink so much that you may endanger yourself.
• If you are driving to a party or event, don’t be tempted to drink. Some venues offer free soft drinks for designated drivers.
• If you have been out the night before, remember that you may still be over the alcohol limit to drive, depending how much alcohol you have drunk. If unsure whether it is safe to drive, make alternative arrangements.

Councillor Simon Bound, chairman of the Safer North Hampshire Partnership, said: “We want everyone to have fun on a night out while remaining safe. We hope that by taking up our offer of a free personal attack alarm and bottle stop, and by following our advice, more people enjoy the party season safely.”
Personal attack alarms and bottle stops are available from the Safer North Hampshire team free of charge – if you would like one, contact

For more information, email or visit