Graffiti clean-up to get under way

Are there any buildings, walls or fences blighted by graffiti in your neighbourhood? If so, we want to know so it can be removed as part of Graffiti Focus Week.

Graffiti Focus Week takes place across Hart and Rushmoor annually, and is organised by the Safer North Hampshire* community safety team.

Residents are encouraged to report any graffiti in their area by email to, by phone to 01252 774476 or online at

The clean-up, which coincides with the Great British Spring Clean month, is part of a wider campaign to raise the issue of graffiti and to highlight the negative effects it can have on communities and neighbourhoods. Graffiti on public property is legally considered as criminal damage, and is expensive to remove.

Hampshire Police and the Safer North Hampshire community safety team are also continuing to appeal for information to find the person or people responsible for the most prevalent graffiti tags in the Rushmoor area. The tags (pictured) always appear together and generally in Farnborough. Anyone with information about who may be responsible for these tags or other graffiti in the area, is asked to report it to the police’s non-emergency 101 phone number or to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Residents should also consider reporting anyone they see in their community with aerosol cans.

Councillor Simon Bound, chairman of the Safer North Hampshire Partnership, said: “Our neighbourhoods will be hugely improved if we can remove unsightly graffiti, so I would ask everyone to report any graffiti to us, so we can remove it. If we all work together, we can really improve our local area.”

The following tips may also help reduce the risk of graffiti to property:

· Plant climbing shrubs on exposed brick walls.
· Plant hedges in front of wooden fences.
· Install security lighting.
· Report any graffiti by calling 101.