New cameras to help officers on patrol

Community safety patrollers will now be able to catch antisocial behaviour on camera thanks to new body worn video surveillance equipment.

The introduction of the new equipment which will help protect Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s Community Safety Patrol Officers and parking attendants from experiencing aggression from the public when out on patrol follows a successful trial carried out by officers last September.

The officers wore the video cameras for four weeks and found wearing them deterred some people from confronting officers and also helped to provide useful footage from other incidents if it was needed for future legal proceedings.

Both the community safety and the parking teams will now carry the waterproof cameras, which have a screen showing the footage as it is being captured, on duty patrols along with ‘CCTV in operation’ pin badges.

Cabinet Member for Communities, Service Delivery and Improvement Cllr Robert Tate, said: “Body-worn video cameras will help to improve safety for our patrol teams and surveillance on the streets of Basingstoke and Deane.

“Following the trial the team said it was helpful when dealing with incidents with some people who looked like they were about to confront them changed their mind once they saw the camera and walked away and where people were abusive or threatening, they were able to gain evidence if they needed to take further action.

“The cameras will also have a positive impact on incidents where people provide false details or don’t co-operate with officers. We hope this move will assist our patrol teams in effectively performing their duties.”