Rural Crime Advice

Following an increase in plant and equipment theft across the Safer North Hampshire area, we have published the below advice:

  • Mark your property using a recommended method, and take photos of valuables as well as making a note of serial numbers and distinctive markings – without these it is virtually impossible to identify owners when stolen goods are recovered.
  • Property details and photos can be logged online at which assists the police in reuniting stolen goods with their owner.
  • Lock high value equipment away in a secure building when not in use and consider investing in a secure storage toolbox.
  • Install a burglar alarm on buildings where equipment is kept, and consider the use of CCTV.
  • Make sure windows and door frames are secure and in good repair.
  • For quad bikes, park as close to your premises as possible, ideally in a locked garage or well-lit open space out of sight from nearby roads. Remove keys when not in use, and fit wheel clamps or locking posts. Consider customising your vehicle so it is easily identifiable, and fit tracking devices for high value vehicles (e.g. CanTrack).
  • Note any vehicles on or near your land that you do not recognise – if they seem suspicious, report it to 101 along with the Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Keep the boundary of any land as secure as possible, and make sure gates cannot be lifted off or have their fixing bolts removed. Consider using tree trunks, rocks or ditching to prevent access.
  • Consider the use of motion activated security lights, along with timer switches
  • Elderly and vulnerable individuals can contact The Blue Lamp Trust via for a free home safety and security survey, or call 0300 700 0157 for an appointment.
  • If you have any queries or concerns and wish to speak to your local Country Watch or Police Community Support Officer, please call Hampshire Constabulary on 101.

We also recommend residents sign up to Hampshire Alert for updates from your local Police Officers by visiting