Tell us where the graffiti is

Action will be taken to remove graffiti from across Hart and Rushmoor this month (April 24-26) in order to improve the environment for everyone.

Residents are being urged to report any pieces of graffiti so that the Safer North Hampshire community safety team can remove as much of it as possible.

The graffiti removal is part of a wider Graffiti Focus campaign  in which awareness of the issues of graffiti is raised and the negative effects that graffiti can have on communities and neighbourhoods are highlighted. As much graffiti is removed as possible.

To report instances of graffiti, visit email communitysafetyteam@communitysafetnh.org, call 01252 774476 or visit www.fixmystreet.com.

Caroline Ryan, Community Safety Manager of the Safer North Hampshire Partnership, said: “This initiative assists the environment and improves the look the neighbourhood. We hope everyone will report any graffiti they see and not assume that some else will do it.  Receiving two reports of a disfigurement is better than receiving none at all. If we all co-operate, then we can improve the beauty of our local area.”

Adhering to the following tips may reduce the likelihood of graffiti on a wall or a fence:

· Plant climbing shrubs on exposed brick walls.
· Plant hedges in front of wooden fences.
· Install security lighting.
· Report any graffiti by calling 101.